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-since April of 2003

*KISS* - Atlanta's biggest rock dance party
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*KISS* is being relocated to the Masquerade on Fridays starting 1/30/04.

Lenny's can no longer accomodate us due to legal restrictions placed on the club. We're going to be making a lot of changes to make the night bigger and better. Here's what we've got for you...

We're FREE for everyone. That's right motherfuckers... I am just one big ball of charity... I started this night out free... and damnit... it's free again.

We're still 18+ ... Lenny's had to go back to be 21+ to be legal... and have to keep their capacity to 90 which is EMPTY... so after looking at a lot of venues... Masquerade was the only one that could provide us with everything we needed.

Cheap drink prices... what would *KISS* be without cheap alcohol... a lot less fun. We'll also be hosting a number of invitation only priate pre-parties at Masquerade with insane amounts of alcohol.

New floor arrangement for Hell... we're making it a lot more intimate...

Bigger and better sound and stage. The sound in hell will provide me with much more volume to make Death From Above all the more fierce.

Better bands... I'm working on bringing in a few special headliners over the next few months... it should be interesting.

OH.... and ....

The Black Heart Ball

A not so valentines indie/glam rock formal...

This is the formal that I wish I could have gone to in college. Everyone is required to come in glam/fashionxcore/retro formal gear. If you show up in an old t-shirt and jeans... we're not letting you in. More info to come...