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Fine suppliers of wanton debauchery [entries|friends|calendar]
*KISS* - Atlanta's biggest rock dance party

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March Of Darkness this Sunday! (ROLLER DERBY!) [07 Mar 2006|03:43pm]


I know half of you have heard about it. Some of you have seen it. The rest of you are just confused. Posting our latest press release below featuring our bout this upcoming weekend that should explain roller derby to all of you better!


Media Contact: Sara Riney, aka Hot Legs Hooligan
E-mail: hotlegshooligan@atlantarollergirls.com

Hi-Resolution Professional Photographs Available
Comp Tickets with Press Credentials

Atlanta Rollergirls Roller Derby League
Announces FIRST BOUT of 2006 Season:
"March of Darkness" Season Opener Sunday, March 12th
Sake Tuyas (2005 Champs) vs. Apocalypstix
Doors at 6:00pm, Action Starts at 7:00pm

Atlanta's newest all-female all-volunteer sports league: Atlanta Rollergirls, announces the first opportunity of 2006 to see home-grown old-school flat-track Roller Derby action, updated with a rock-n-roll, D.I.Y. attitude!

On Sunday, March 12th at 7:00 p.m., at the All American Skating Center, the 2006 Atlanta Roller Derby Second Season's Opener will get underway, with Season One's Championship Team, the Sake Tuyas, up for a re-match with the Apocalypstix in a one-hour (over three 20-minute periods) full-length fight to the finish. (To view the crushing video highlights of last season's championship bout between the Stix and the Sakes with a final score of 75 to 115, check out this web link: http://www.thrill-media.com/temp/WebTeaser.mov)

Intermission on March 12 will feature live music by local band Little Women. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the bout's action starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. A portion of the proceeds will benefit local charities. $8.00 advance tickets available at local retail outlets (Criminal Records or Skate Escape), Online at ticketalternative.com or charge by phone at 877-725-8849.

The new season also brings a brand-new fourth team to the league: the Toxic Shocks! Six deadly veteran skaters from last year's teams were combined in an evil laboratory with several of the league's FRESH MEAT secret weapon recruits! Now, the Toxic Shocks will contaminate you and Atlanta will never be the same. The Toxic Shocks first bout will take place on April 9 against the Denim Demons' deadly team of death punks.

The Atlanta Rollergirls are a proud member of the national organization known as WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby League), which has more than 40 member leagues in cities across the country (www.wftda.com). This new generation of aggressive female athletes are reviving the hard-hitting, bad-girl sport of eight-wheel quad-skate roller derby and updating it with an edgier attitude and the for a crowd-pleasing fierce competition that's rougher and tougher than ever!

- Attendance during our inaugural season ranged from 500 to 900 people (mostly through word of mouth advertising)
- Everyone associated with the league is a volunteer (skaters, administration, announcers, referees, floor crew, etc.)
- We strive for a crowd-pleasing mix of sport and spectacle, but our competitions are not staged, the outcomes are not fixed, and our falls and spills are the real deal.

For a list of players from each Atlanta Rollergirls team (with "derby names" such as Tanya Hyde, Demi Gore, Venus Fly Tramp, Destructiva and Elle Beaux), visit atlantarollergirls.com.

# # #
The down and dirty infoCollapse )

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. beer . bikes . music . dancing . [02 Mar 2006|07:37pm]

[ mood | great ]

Make sure your dance shoes are shiny,
your dance moves are fine tuned,
and your calender is free.

Faster Mustache

One Year Anniversary Party
Oh Three Oh Four Oh Six
. beer . bikes . music . dancing .
@ The Earl
9pm this Saturday March 4th


The Liverhearts
w/ The Almanac and The Lasch (my band!)
DJ Downtube

Mustache Competition judged by FM's own facial hair expert.
Track Stand Dancing Competition

$5 at the door, free FM01 Koozie at entry

Hope everyone can make it out to this!!!

x-posted everywhere :)
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TONIGHT at Drunken Unicorn [20 Oct 2005|03:07pm]

The Atlanta Rollergirls are having a benefit show TONIGHT at the Drunken Unicorn (Ponce and Ponce Place, across from the Kroger on Ponce):

Doors at 9p - $5
Bands: Slushco, Kill Gordon, The Judies
Preston of KISS Atlanta will be spinning between sets

AND THE RETURN OF THE ATLANTA ROLLERGIRLS SPANKING BOOTH!!! Get spanked by our spankstresses: Elle Beaux, Destructiva, and newbie Deja Bruise, OR find your FAVORITE Rollergirl and ask HER to spank you!

You KNOW you had a blast last time. Tell all your friends and come out and party with us!!!

Viva Hate

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First Blood: Atlanta Rollergirls Debut Bout [21 Aug 2005|11:48am]

However you'd like...

Come check it out!
TODAY 6:00PM $10
All American Skating Center
5400 Bermuda Road, Stone Mountain GA 30087

Atlanta has a new sports team - the Atlanta Rollergirls - one of over 20 leagues across the country, bringing roller derby back to the masses.
Come check out Atlanta Rollergirls Debut Game!

Roller Derby is experiencing a nation-wide revival since its grassroots rebirth in Austin, TX in 2001. Originally created in 1935, roller derby has experienced many high and low points throughout the decades, but its most recent incarnation is thriving as groups of tough and beautiful all-girl teams bring back the greatest sport on eight wheels, with a little added punch.

Combining a rock and roll mentality, cheeky penalties, lots of crowd involvement, sassy costuming, and above all, hard-hitting action at break-neck speeds, the new all-girl derby leagues are giving Americans reasons to fall in love with roller derby all over again.

Halftime entertainment by The Infernals!

Doors 6PM, Game starts promptly at 7PM. No outside food or beverage. Kids 8 and under free. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the East Atlanta Kids Club.

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[17 Jan 2005|08:48pm]

*KISS* Rock Parties is pleased to announce Atlanta's only indie rock formal:

The Black Heart Ball
February 12th, 2005

This will be the sequel to last year's infamous indie rock/retro formal. The first Black Heart Ball was attended by over 300 people dressed in both fashion forward and hideous retro formal gear. This year we're taking things a few steps farther to make this the ultimate event of the year.

Music provided by:

Preston Craig and Rene (*KISS* Rock Parties/Decatur Social Club)
Brooke and Kasey (The Costume Party)
Dylan (DJDJ)

This year we will have a dedicated photographer to take pictures. Professional prints can be purchased and digital prints will be available online.

We've formed a ball committee to handle award, superlative, and decorative aspects of the ball. If you would like to be a part of this special committee please let me know ASAP so I can get you in on the event.

I'm working on co-op agreements with salons and clothing botiques that I will announce in the coming week for discounts on services and even free admission to the ball.

Tickets will be available for a discount by pre-sale for this event. I will announce locations in the coming week as well. I'll also be setting up a booth in the courtyard at GSU to sell pre-sale tickets.

Formal attire will be strictly enforced for this event. If you come in a t-shirt and jeans you will be sent home to change.

We have decided to use the Masquerade again this year. The venue is perfectly suited for this type of event and for a large crowd. This will also be one of the last events ever held at the Masquerade before the building is sold.

I'd start picking out clothes now... because this is going to be quite intense.

The Black Heart Ball
Saturday February 12th, 2005
@ The Masquerade
$6 pre-sale/$8 at the door
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utc show this saturday [04 Nov 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | studying etc ]

5 bucks for 5 awesome bands. come out and support under the couch this weekend.


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PLEASURE CLUB IN ATLANTA [19 Oct 2004|02:53pm]

3PM: Criminal Records instore
9PM: Tabernacle w/Jet & The Donnas

ONE: While picking up your last minute costume accessories, drop by CRIMINAL RECORDS to hear Pleasure Club perform tracks from their latest album, The Fugitive Kind at 3PM on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30.

TWO: Be at the TABERNACLE early that night to see Pleasure Club open for Jet and The Donnas at 99X'S BROUHAHA.

"These songs make me want to shoot amphetamine, frequent a prostitute, then punch a cop in the face." - B. Butler/ Charleston, SC

"Pleasure Club from New Orleans. They're fucking, you guys would go bananas for them. You know, you all like The Hives over here, you gotta see this band. This band is seriously off the fucking hook, I think. They're nothing like The Hives, but they're exciting and in your face and actually scary. (laughs) Kind of weird... You haven't seen them play before have you Joe? Their live show man.... The singer was like a Baptist minister's son or something like that and he's got some dark shit going on there. Kinda creepy. Lyrically it's like, almost like a danceable like Iggy meets like, I don't know, fucking, like Jane's Addiction or something, I don't know. It's kinda crazy; it's all over the place. But it's really awesome, I like 'em a lot." - Tommy Stinson/ Guns N Roses

pleasure club official site
pleasure club on myspace
criminal records
brash music

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*KISS* My Vote THIS FRIDAY (9.24.2004) [23 Sep 2004|08:44pm]

We are very pleased to announce the return of the one and only *KISS* Rock Party

There will be VOTER REGISTRATION tomorrow night ALL night at *KISS*
Please, please, please use this opportunity!!!!!!
I will provide the forms, you will just have to fill them out - I will also be responsible for mailing them out for you. Do it for you and the future - you have a choice - use it.
* voter registering sponsored by Heidi aka subcultured.com (if you have any questions about your right to vote or what is involved feel free to email me - heidi@subcultured.com)

Please repost this and encourage all of your friends to at least stop by and register to vote and check out what *KISS* is all about.

The rebirth of *KISS* details are below as copied from Preston - be there or be square:

As you know I killed *KISS* last April and reformed months later as Decatur Social Club... a 21+ indie and non-dance based night. Well... I've pretty much accomplished what I wanted with the night and it's time to get back to the business of being the biggest rock party in the city. With that I am very happy to announce the following:

*KISS* returns THIS FRIDAY and is once again an 18+ event.

We have multiple rooms and soundsystems at Azul which has been hosting Decatur Social Club since June. DSC has grown exponentially had nights as big as any *KISS* with an older and entirely new crowd. DSC will now exist on our outside patio for music lovers... our exisiting crowd for DSC sits around 150 people.

*KISS* will take place inside and will continue to be the insane dance party that everyone remembers from last year.

I will be allowing 18+ patrons into the venue but will keep a limit on the amount allowed through the door. We're usually at full crowd by 12-12:30 at this venue so... I wouldn't show up too late to ensure you get in.

Flyers will be out on all campuses starting tomorrow... so keep an eye out.

*KISS* and Decatur Social Club
@Azul in downtown Decatur
21+ FREE
18+ $5

Azul is located on the square in downtown Decatur just 5 minutes from Midtown Atlanta. Just take Ponce De Leon into Decatur and make a right onto Church Street. Make a right into the first parking lot after the MARTA station. The entrance and patio for Azul is attached to this parking lot.

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utc show x-posted a lot [09 Sep 2004|10:31am]
[ mood | awake ]

help us bring back utc. this show's going to be awesome!

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an update on whats to come for Flame Cynders [24 Aug 2004|12:00pm]


I have been so busy.... but here is an update...

I have an audition today to perform with the Ravennettes at 1150 on thursday night... I am pretty confident that i will succeed and i am very excited to have an oppurtunity to audition for this big show...

My dates in New York are finally confirmed... If you think you will be up in New york while i am performing i can give more specifics on the Venues....
I do not have a list of the other performers yet but when i do i will repost this ......


RedHotBurlesque at Rififi's
(is on 11 st between 1st and 2nd Ave)

(some fetish club i still do not know the name)


Starshine also at Rififi's
Torchy Taboo and I will be performing together


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Come early as we have been flyering for a month and have gotten alot of response.... doors open at 9pm and there is a 10 dollar cover....

This is the last show in atlanta that i will be performing at for a few months as i am on a small tour and will be in NEW YORK for all of september.....

Hmm more new pictures to come and i am working on my website...

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jennifer trezza [21 Jul 2004|12:41pm]

does anyone have any contact info for this atlanta techno dj???
if so please let me know since im interested in booking her!
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[19 Jul 2004|02:06pm]

Decatur Social Club
- Local 1975 -

This week we'll be drawing a few special guests from the Atlanta DJ pool. I'd like to announce the new appointments to DSC officer positions at this time:

Kiss & Tell
Elhaam and Leslie have been making their mark around town with their high profile after parties. In addition, they've also probably made out with more people while trashed at my nights than I have. If that doesn't give you an idea of the wanton debauchery that will go down this week... I don't know what will.

Late night cameo appearances by Brian Parris and Jamal.

Ahhhhh... it's almost like old times again... only it promises to be even better. Come out this week to see all of us back together under one roof this weekend.

Don't forget... I'm buying all the PBR you can drink from 11:30pm - 12:30am!

Decatur Social Club
@Azul on the square in downtown Decatur
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Please help book our tour this summer. [27 Jun 2004|10:20am]


--We have MP3's from our new record "This Scavenger Low"

available at

Any and all help would be wonderful!
Please e-mail: clair@vostokmusic.com Thank you soo much and take care.

*Sorry for cross-posting in communities if we have!

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[21 Jun 2004|04:29pm]

Tell me you love me... no really... really you do.

I'm buying the drinks from 11:30pm to 12:30am at DSC on Fridays now.

Walk up the the bar... and order all the PBR you can possibly suck down in one hour and put it on my tab. I'm not just another DJ... I'm a host... and this is my way of welcoming you into my party.

Let's tally up the score:

FREE entry
FREE beer
4am closing time
The best music in Atlanta
Anyone can have a shot at dj'ing assuming their music doesnt suck

See you Friday...

Decatur Social Club
@Azul on the square in Downtown Decatur
4am last call
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[16 Jun 2004|03:10pm]

FREE SHOW!!! DOORS OPEN AT 10PM FOR THIS SHOW and dont close till 4 AM!

This Friday we've teamed up with our friends from Goodnight Records to bring you a band, The Young Vulgarians all the way from Philly. I did some research after I was asked to host the show... and this live review from a show in Delaware sold me on it...

I saw these guys last month at the Logan Memorial Presbyterian in Audobon NJ...and they ATE MY FACE. Apart from that, their singer is a total madman, in a good way. He was wearing this weird orange suit and as soon as he came on he started consuming whole packets of sugar. His antics included hawking loogies on the floor, frankenstein-walking through the audience, picking up the mike stand and swinging it like an instrument of death, lying on the ground while wailing gibberish about being in an institution as a child, singing with the microphone stuffed in his mouth while crouched in the fetal position on a speaker stack, and (this was the crowning finish of one of their songs) crawling through the audience back onto the stage and tunneling behind the drumkit, where he stayed, in the fetal position, for about five minutes. I was laughing so hard i was crying.

I'm hearing them classified as artpunk... Duran Duran meets Xiu Xiu.

How much does this show cost... not a single penny. Why? Because we here at DSC love each and every one of you... (except for those we hate)... and we think that the best shows are even better free. So take your 5 dollars and spend it on a few (yes... at DSC 5 dollars will get you a FEW drinks). And as usual make sure you get me to buy you a drink too.

Decatur Social Club
Azul on the square in downtown Decatur
4am last call
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[07 Jun 2004|05:10pm]

The first meeting of the Decatur Social Club ... to now be referred to as the DSC... went wonderfully. The crowd turned out exactly as I had hoped... mature and incredibly friendly. I think most people were introduced to each other... or took the initiative themselves to introduce themselves to strangers. I can even remember how many drinks I bought people... I think just about anyone I talked to got a drink on me. Rene and Jennifer Trezza both did a great job as dj's for the night... I ended up doing more talking than drinking overall if that says anything about the crowd (I rarely leave my post as dj'ing to talk but there were a lot of great people present).

At 4am... there were still a good number of us hanging around waiting to sober up. When I left at 4:30am... there were still people milling about outside on the deck. A sampling of music played by me...

Mogwai - 2 rights make 1 wrong
Juno - Leave a clean camp and a dead fire
Nuetral Milk Hotel - Ghost
I Love You But I've Chosen The Darkness - When you go out
Tripping Daisy - Waited a light year
Snowden - Don't Worry Be Happy (unreleased slow and somber remake)
Bis - The end is tomorrow
The Wrens - .... uh I can't remember the name...
The Walkmen - Little House Of Savages
Death From Above - Dead Womb
The Shins - New Slang

... thats all I can remember... definately not in any order. Everyone I talked to at the end of the night said that they found the night much more enjoyable than *KISS* for various reasons... so if you're sick of stagnation... you may be pleasantly surprised.

Decatur Social Club
@Azul (on the square in Downtown Decatur)
4am last call
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[03 Jun 2004|04:23pm]

This Friday is the first Decatur Social Club...

I started this night to get back to doing more of what I had originally intended on over a year ago. So... in case you hadn't heard the details yet... read on.

21+ ... We've been shooting for a crowd with a median age of 24... I'm 28... and damnit I'd like a few friends somewhere near my age.

4am last call. Need I say more. That's 1.5 hours more fun for you.

It's FREE. All night... no catches. Combine that with 2.00 tall boys... and the fact that I buy people drinks constantly throughout the night... well... you do the math.

Music... Rene and I will be running the spectrum. The night is to be more of an ecclectic social event. Rock, Indie, Glam, Punk, etc will all be represented regardless of tempo or dancability. Of course... I get drunk... and you'll end up shaking your ass for an hour or two. So... don't expect to be staring at your shoes all night. Make enough good requests... and earn a guest dj spot... and I'll buy you a drink.

Someplace new... honestly this is the most exciting part. New bar, new circle, *gasp* even some new people. Azul is right on the square in Downtown Decatur... adjacent to Raging Burrito. We've got a great outdoor patio... and a very intimate club. Those of you who asked for a more intimate environment from *KISS* are going to get it with DSC. Oh and we've got sofa's, plush seating areas surrounding the bar... We're going for quality over quantity. ... and ... well ... we just like excuses to rub up against people.

Decatur Social Club
Every Friday
@ Azul ... on the square in Downtown Decatur
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[26 May 2004|04:55pm]

Decatur Social Club

Keeping with the Social Club theme... you can come to expect a few things from the new night that you don't see too often.

First... I have a rather nice discretionary bar tab at my disposal every night. I'm a firm believer in giving back a little to the people who give to you. If you come up and request songs from me that I like... I'm going to buy you a beer. If you're new... and I notice you... I'm probably gonna buy you a beer. If you look thirsty... and I've got room left on my tab... I'm probably going to buy you a beer. You may not get selected for a beer every night... but just know... that someone is out there looking out for you and your thirst and eventually your number is gonna come up.

Next... virtually anyone can be a dj at Decatur Social Club. Some nights I get really tired of dj'ing. Sometimes... just sometimes... I actually want to talk to people. So, here's the deal. If you request enough good songs from me... or brandish a wallet of awesome cd's... or a crate of great records... I'll let you guest dj. Maybe for 10 mintues... maybe for 2 hours. As long as I like (and the crowd likes) what you're playing... you can dj. You don't have to have ever dj'd before... so long as you can handle the very basics of fading from one song to a next. The rule is though... no bitching... no drama. If I don't like what you play and decide to jump back on after 10 minutes... don't take it personal. In the end, I really want to have someone get on and blow my hair back... I want to have someone get on and start playing... and give me a reason to stay out from behind the tables for the rest of the night.

So... there's a few things you can look forward to at the DSC.

Decatur Social Club
Fridays starting June 4th
11-4am !!!
@ Azul
141 Sycamore St. ... on the square in downtown Decatur

2 dollar PBR Tallboys, drink specials, yadda yadda yadda
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[19 May 2004|08:07pm]

On Friday, June 4th you are invited to the inaugural meeting of the

Decatur Social Club
between the hours of 11pm and 4am and thereafter you are invited back every Friday.

That's right people... 4 AM... with a 4 am last call. We here at *KISS* Rock Parties are VERY pleased to bring you the reincarnation of our Friday night debauchery. Things are changing a bit and oh are they changing for the better. We've decided to resettle in the alcohol and nightlife friendly city limits of Decatur, Georgia. Our new venue, Azul (located on the square in downtown decatur) provides us with a very intimate environment (and a great outdoor deck) to get you guys a lot closer and most of all social. We will also be changing our format to 21+ for a number of reasons... mainly every venue I wanted required it. Don't worry... *KISS* will resurface from time to time with 18+ events. The music at the Decatur Social Club will vary much more than previously known at *KISS*... asses will surely shake periodically through out the night... however it's not going to be our main focus. Simply put we're going to play whatever we feel like playing... and whatever you want to hear too regardless if you can dance to it or not. In fact... if I like your requests enough... after a few... I'll even let you dj for a bit.

The Decatur Social Club is brought to you by *KISS* Rock Parties with support from Criminal Records and Goodnight Records

Decatur Social Club
Fridays starting June 4th
11-4am !!!
@ Azul
141 Sycamore St. ... on the square in downtown Decatur

2 dollar PBR Tallboys, drink specials, yadda yadda yadda
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